Boycott Eurovision – Our first protest at DunaTV

On Saturday 2019.02.09, we protested outside the Hungarian national television station (MTVA/Duna) where the selection of the Hungarian Eurovision entry began.

We acted as a part of a European BDS movement which is demanding the Eurovision contest not be held in Israel in May of this year. In front of DunaTV headquarters we distributed fliers detailing why Israel must be boycotted while shouting chants of freedom and justice for Palestine.

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campaign in Hungary

We respect Eurovision and what it stands for, but we know that Israel is using it to ‘art-wash’ and distract the European public from seeing its Apartheid regime and its decades-long brutal oppression of the Palestinian people.

We believe there is a global moral responsibility to call attention to the reality of what the state of Israel does to Palestinians every day. And, BDS is a non-violent tactic the Hungarian and European public can use to create positive social change.

Free, free Palestine!

– The Budapest Hungary in Solidarity with Palestine group (facebook link)
with the General Union of Palestinian Students – Hungary (facebook link)

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Our protest at DunaTV/MTVA headquarters in Budapest: